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Nebraska Travel Info

Omaha & Neighbors

    Council Bluffs
    Sioux City
    Sioux Falls
    Grand Island
    Des Moines
    Cedar Rapids
    Iowa City
    North Platte
    Kansas City
    St. Louis


Omaha Map
Omaha RADARCity Council Districts

Aerial Views

   Omaha Aerial Photo
   Omaha View (1868)
   Omaha View (1905)


Airport Parking:

  • Ampco Parking
    • 402-346-2466
    • 4801 Abbott Drive ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))
  • Budget Airport Parking
    • 402-348-0102
    • 1755 E. Locust Street ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))
  • Eppley Airport Parking
    • 402-422-6592
    • 4501 Abbott Drive ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo))
  • Stewart Airport Parking
    • 712-347-6767
    • 311 E Locust St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • OmahaPark 6
    • 312-274-2000
    • 320 N 17th St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • Central Parking
    • 402-345-7122
    • 322 N 12th St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • Central Parking
    • 402-345-7122
    • 217 N 17th St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • Park One
    • 402-201-2930
    • 1516 Douglas St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • Tower Park Garage
    • 1805 Douglas St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
  • Parking Management and Consultants
    • 402-346-1700
    • In the Service Life Building
    • 1904 Farnam St # 623 (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
  • Omaha-Park Two
    • 1313 Harney St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
  • U-Park Inc
    • 402-346-6668
    • 202 N 19th St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
  • Park Omaha 8
    • 402-444-7275
    • 1215 Capitol Ave (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • TD American - Lot D
    • 402-546-1800
    • Parking LotAbbott Dr and Cuming St (Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)
    • Web
  • South Long Term Economy Parking




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Eppley Airfield is located between downtown Omaha and downtown Florence on Abbott Drive, northeast of downtown Omaha and within 5 miles.  The Airport is open 24 hours a day, however, flights do not operate between 11 P.M. and 5 A.M.

Directions: The airport is located at 4501 Abbott Drive ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)), just northeast of the downtown Omaha area (approximately 4 miles), and right next to the Missouri River.  Interstate I-29 runs north and south along the Missouri on the east side of the Missouri River (Iowa).  Interstate I-80 runs east and west in the southern part of the city, and I-680 (the I-80 bypass) breaks off from I-80 a bit east of Council Bluffs, and continues on a westward direction north of Council Bluffs, then turns south a bit before crossing the Missouri River north of downtown Omaha. It crosses the Missouri River going over the Historic Florence Mormon Bridge, then eventually turns south in west Omaha to join back up with I-80.  I-480 crosses the Missouri River in the downtown Omaha area, loops south around the 2700 block area, and then joins back up with I-80.

Therefore, to get to the airport:

Airport information is available at 402-422-6817, Business Office 402-422-6800 or on the web.

Amtrak  Back to the top of this page.

Omaha's Amtrak Station is located at 1003 S. 9th Street in downtown Omaha ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)).  The station is open from 11 P.M. to 8 A.M.

We have two trains departing Omaha.

Heading East:

Heading West:

Amtrak Information is available at 402-342-1501 or 800-872-7245 or on their web site.

Cabs  Go to the top of this page.

If you are familar with Cab company names that have operated in Omaha for the last 10 years or so, things have been changing. Once known as Checker, Happy Cab, Yellow Cab, Cornhusker Cab, Metro Cab, and Safeway Cab, all merged to operate as one company, known for the last few years as Happy Cab, but now Happy Cab has become part of zTrip. All of the details of the conversion is ongoing. As soon as details are finalized, this page will be updated with the new information. In the meantime, you can still get a cab the same way as in the past.

You can find a cab at the airport, at the downtown Greyhound Bus Station,* at the Amtrak Station,* or by calling their dispatch number (402-292-2222).

Rates are set by the Nebraska Public Service Commission There are three types of rates, labeled as Rate 1, 2, and 3.

The rates are:

Special rates are:


3rd Party Carriers (Uber & Lyft)  Back to the top of this page.

Omaha now has alternative means of getting around town, such as Uber and Lyft. If you have the app intalled on your Smartphone, you can get around pretty easily.

Metro Buses  Back to the top of this page.

Omaha's buses, formerly known as Metro Area Transit (MAT) System, is now known as Metro.  Buses cover most parts of Omaha, plus they contract bus service for nearby neighborhoods, such as Council Bluffs, Bellevue, Ralston, LaVista, and Papillion.  Buses run approximately every 30 minutes during heavy traffic periods, and every hour in less traffic times and areas.  On weekends, most 30-minute buses run only once per hour; meaning your chance of catching the metro bus is cut in half, or your wait time is doubled.

There are a few Transit Centers (places where several buses group up to allow easy transfer to several other buses).  You can transfer to other buses at several other locations along the route (cross route locations).  Bus rates are $1.25 per one-way trip; an additional 25 cents* is charged if you want a transfer slip (must be purchased at the same time).  Transfer slips are good for one hour maximum,* and for directions that aren't returning from the originating bus.  Metro also has reduced rates ($0.60) for seniors, medicare, and disabled riders with a MetroID card.

Bus access locations are labeled on sign posts along with route numbers that stop at that location.  A few locations have bus shelters to get out of precipitation but they are not totally enclosed.  Some access locations will have concrete benches nearby, but a concrete bench does not indicate a bus stop (check the sign post).

Bus schedules are hard to find (not available at bus stops or bus shelters).  The best locations to find schedules outside of the Metro office are at some grocery stores, or locations of heavy bus travel.  Each schedule is dated.  If you notice a Metro schedule display rack, check the dates of those in the rack with any you might be carrying.  Buses are numbered for identification of routes (matching schedules).

For efficiency of bus scheduling, some buses change to a different bus number at the end of a route; most often this happens in downtown.  Buses also change the route description display on the front of the bus at the end of the route to indicate their destination (and route taken).  Far too often the driver forgets to change the route description* so if a bus shows up at the access point around the time you expected but with a different description, do not hesitate to ask or you might miss your bus.

Several buses use color designations, rather than numbers. These buses run in the downtown area (labeled Green) to cover the major sections during the morning rush hours and evening rush hours (5:30 to 9:30 and 3:30 to 7:30). The fee is only 25 cents, and the buses run every 5 minutes.  Also, there are two buses that run to the outskirts of Council Bluffs (labeled Blue and Yellow). The blue goes more northeasterly to places such as Iowa Western Community College and the Mall of the Bluffs.  The yellow goes more southern to places such as Mid America Center and Metro Crossing.  The Blue/Yellow fare is the standard $1.25.

Regular buses start around 5 A.M. and run until approximately 11 P.M., although most final pickups occur closer to 10 P.M. (or earlier) at the end of the evening; after that, you take a cab.  Most bus drivers are generous on the last run and make sure they don't strand anyone.* Metro does not operate on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Metro office: 402-341-0800 TDD: 402-341-0801. You can get bus route information at the Metro Web site ( or on Google Maps.

If you use a SmartPhone, the future is looking bright for bus riders. Most buses have a GPS system onboard, and more commonly than not, the GPS data is transmitted back to the bus headquarters. Therefore, they know where every bus is at any time, and therefore they know if it on time or behind. That means they can predict very closely when a bus will arrive at each bus stop. Some metro bus companies have partnered with SmartPhone app developers to provide that information so that riders can tell when a bus is about to arrive. Most SmartPhones have a GPS receiver built in to the phone, so an app can tell where you are, and where the closest bus stop is located. Using the GPS data of the bus location, the app can predict how long before the next bus arrives. Some of the apps developed even allow users to purchase passes using their SmartPhone. There is no reason why the SmartPhone itself could not be used to pay for the bus fare as you board the bus, which could reduce the delay when several people are boarding at the same stop. Hopefully, Omaha will adopt this type of system soon.

Greyhound Buses  Back to the top of this page.

Omaha's Greyhound Bus Station is located at 1601 Jackson Street in downtown Omaha ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)).  The station is open 24 hours a day.

Bus information is available at 402-341-1906 or 800-231-2222 (800-252-4841 for Disabled Assistance) or on their website.

Omaha also has another transportation method in the bus department.  Navigator Airport Express is a small bus line running from Kearney, Nebraska to Omaha and back again, with stops in Lincoln, York, Hastings, and Grand Island.

Navigator Airport Express Information is available at 800-888-9793 or on their website.


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