This page is for a past year (2008), therefore the "remaining" meetings for that year are not displayed any longer on the regular meetings page. Use the "past" meetings view to see all meetings for 2008 (displayed in green).

Other Past Community Meetings:
Other years did not have any Community Meetings

Community Meetings

Information that may be helpful to residents of the Florence Community:

This "Meetings" page covers meetings that affect the entire Florence community, i.e., general issues, traffic issues, streetscape, community planning, etc.*  This page also lists generalized gatherings.  Meetings that affect Florence but are outside of Florence are listed on the External Meetings page.  Florence organizations meeting dates are shown on the organizations page.

2008 Meetings in Historic Florence:

As we learn of community meetings from the community leaders, we will place the information on this page.  As meeting dates pass, the information will no longer be displayed on the default meetings page; you can access the full list from the link at the top left.

You may also want to check the Notices page and the Community Organizations page.


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