Event Details and Color Guide (explained)

Each of the event info blocks is displayed for approximately 45 days prior to and throughout the event. Some larger events with websites may be displayed much earlier to help with vacation planning (as much as 150 days). The event details are generally displayed for 10 days following the event's end date.

The most obvious thing about the event details is that they have a colored line (box) around the information. The next thing is the background color of the details. The background will be either black or brown. The brown background events have already happened. The black background events are going on currently or are in the future.

In most pages, you will not see many of the past events as they also will disappear after around 10 days following the end of the event.

Events are either confirmed or unconfirmed. It doesn't matter for past events, but for future events, it is nice to know when an event date has been confirmed. If an event date has been confirmed, the background color of the details area will have a blueish cast to it. Keep in mind that even though an event is shown as being confirmed, sometimes the event coordinators will still change, but not inform us, so make sure you verify a date before showing up.

Borders and lines

To make it easier to get as much data in the same area, different colors are used for the border lines. The human eye associates colors with their meaning much easier than a text explanation.

Some events have two colored border lines, a box within a box, referred to as the "Outer line" and "Inner line.".

Outer box lines

Notice that the outside line is either Gold or Red. Many events have a website that can provide additional information, but not all do. Some websites are for the event itself, and others are for the organization that is putting on the event.

Gold lines indicate that the event has a website where more information can or might be available. Since websites change, there is no guarantee that the link leads to a page that specifically has information about the event. Some organizations the event page URL change year to year, and some even remove the page entirely. In those cases, you might get a 404 (Page not found) error. We try to keep up, but every year, there are many that have to be changed on our end, and still before the event, it may change again. We do the best we can, and hope for the rest.

Red lines indicate that there is no website known for the event, and in many cases, no website for the organization putting on the event.

For those that have a gold outerbox, the text and link is in lilac color, with the Gold border; the others are in light blue, with a Red border.

Innerbox lines

If the event has two sets of border lines, the inner box line color provides more information. There are several different situations that may happen for an event, although the end user may not see all of them. The most common is whether the event has been canceled, postponed, limited, virtual, or is a regular event (no inner box line).


In the case of a canceled event, the inside line is a solid Cyan color. We consider "Canceled" to mean no event for the current year. To the event coordinators, it may be canceled for just one year, or it could be canceled for all future events. When an event is canceled for all future events, we may not know that has happened, at least immediately, so it may remain as an unconfirmed event, simply because we know nothing different. As we later learn that it has ended permanently, it effectively goes into the status of "Does Not Happen Anymore." At that point, they are no longer displayed.


An event may also be postponed. In this case, the inside line is Purple. The line may be dashed or solid. If no new date has been published, the line is a dashed Purple line (indicating it is up in the air). Some postponed events publish a new date. In these cases, the Purple line will be a solid Purple, indicating that the new date has been finalized.

Postponed events may be postponed for the entire year, or it may be rescheduled for a later date in the same year.

We interpret Postponed to mean that the event will happen later in the year instead of its original date. Canceled is when there are no plans to chose a different date for the same year. Event coordinators may announce that an event is postponed, but they have not chosen the new date.

Some event coordinators use the term "Postponed" when they do not intend to reschedule for the current year. In some cases, the published information will say that the event is postponed until next year. We consider that to be canceled. If a new date is not announced, as the time gets closer to the original date, we may not know that the "postponed" event is really canceled until just before the event.

If the new date of a postponed event is known, it will be displayed, and if the rescheduled event takes place in a later month, then the event block will move to that month.

The most common colors for the inside line will be either Cyan or Purple. For an easy way to remember what each color means, think of the first letter of the type of event.

Cyan = CanceledPurple = Postponed

Virtual and Limited events

For 2020, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some events switched to a "Virtual" event (all online). Others have put on a "Limited" event. For example, the Douglas County Fair had a Limited event, meaning that the participants in competitions were allowed, but the general public was not. The Earth Day Omaha had a "Virtual" event; everything was done online.

If the event is a VIRTUAL event, the location and address information is not shown in order to not suggest the public can attend. For LIMITED events, even though the public cannot attend, some people can if invited by the organization. Therefore, the location and address is displayed to aid those attendees that might need it.

The colors of the inner box will be dashed in these cases, and the colors were chosen using the first letter of "Virtual" and "Limited." "Virtual" events use Violet as the color, but the line is a dashed line. "Limited" events use Lime as the color, but the line is a dashed line.

Lime = LimitedViolet = Virtual

Events with unknown details

Occasionally, an event comes to an end permanently, although we may not have the information that informs us that is the case. Every year, each event has to be confirmed to ensure the dates are correct. If we cannot locate information that confirms an event is still going on three years in a row, there is a good change the event has ended permanently but we do not know the details about its demise. In that case, the inner box color will be DarkPink. You should take this into consideration if you are planning to attend one of these events.

Other Data

The events have several bits of information, but some parts are not visible until you hover the mouse pointer over the event. The visible data includes the date of the event or an estimated date, based on previous year's dates and derived rules. "Confirmed" will be displayed when a date has been confirmed from the event planners or from data gathered at their website. Also, confirmed date events will have a background that has a blueish cast to it.

Some events have a definite rule they use every year, so the dates for future year's events may be displayed, and presumed to be very accurate. Many other organizations do not have a dfinite rule, so the dates or weekend may change from year to year. Some events may even change to a different month. Events that are planned around Memorial Day and Labor Day sometimes base the date on the weekend prior, which in some cases can be in the previous month.

If the new date of a postponed event is known, it will be displayed, and if the rescheduled event takes place in a later month, then the event's date will also be displayed for that month.

Most Omaha area events have a logo. It will be displayed if available. Some events have a poster that changes year to year. If it is available, and there is no logo to be shown, then the poster graphic will be displayed as a small image. You can click on the image to see it at full size. The same image will be accessible if you click the red "Graphic Flyer" link below the date and above the address. Some events have a multi-page PDF booklet to go along with a poster. They are available as a link under the "Graphic Flyer" link.

When you hover your mouse pointer over the event details, you will see additional information, such as admission prices, specific times for each day of a multi-day event, and a calendar showing the dates of the event highlighted.

The event blocks also have a link to a physical or map address. You can access it by clicking on the Google map graphic.

Many websites or events provide a contact phone number, and some a contact person. These are shown at the bottom of the other data.

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