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Omaha Old Market Links

    Artists' Coop Gallery
    Barry O's Tavern
    Bemis Center
    Blue Barn Theatre
    Healing Arts Center
    Homer's Records
    Images of Nature
    Js on Jackson Restaurant
    Le Bouillon
    M's Pub
    M. & J. Carriage
    Old Chicago
    Old Market Candy
    Old Market Omaha
    Omaha Clay Works
    Overland Sheepskin
    S.G. Roi Tobacconist
    Upstream Brewing
    Western Heritage Museum

ATMs in the Old Market
   Art Plus Gallery
   Barry O's Tavern
   Billy Froggs
   Cubby Foods
   Embassy Suites
   Famous Dave's
   Le Bouillon
   Howard Street Pub
   Old Chicago
   Security National Bank
   Upstream Brewing Co

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If you are new to Omaha, head for the Old Market, take a horse and carriage ride and see some of Omaha's best.  You can also take a trolley tour to help get you up-to-date first hand.

Omaha's Old Market area is an attraction in itself.  It is located in the oldest part of town so a lot of the original flavor of the old buildings has been preserved making it a pleasure to see as well as walk around.

The entire area is not to be missed, it is Omaha's oldest part of town preserved with the unique shops that can't be found anywhere else.  During summer months, it has a great Farmer's Market, reflecting back to the oldest days of the area.

The streets are paved with brick just like in the oldest days.  The sidewalk covering is edged with flower boxes, some with hanging plants.  The main intersection of 11th and Howard street has large circular planters on the corners.  The summer air is filled with the sweet smell of blossoms in bloom.  In the fall, the blossoms are replaced by Christmas lights.  Soon, the smell of fresh fallen snow fills the air.

Of course, the smell is often interrupted as you walk by one of the many restaurants.  No matter what you are interested in, there is a restaurant that will satisfy the palate, all unique, some very upscale such as Omaha PrimeV. Mertz, and Le Bouillon.  Even more casual, check out Old Chicago, and others near by.

The Old Market also has great pubs and taverns most serving great food too.  Check out Barry O's Tavern, Howard Street Pub and Pizza, Mr. Toads Pub and the best brewery of Omaha and Chicago, so when in Omaha, visit the Old Market and have yourself a "Farquar" time.

Art and Museums  Click to go to the top of this page.

Our old train depot has been converted into the Durham Western Heritage Museum showing some great exhibits of our earliest history.  There are several locations where art is on display such as the Artists' Cooperative, the Passageway Gallery, and the Garden of the Zodiac.  The Bemis Center for Contemporary Artists has an Artist in Residency program.

Shopping  Click to go to the top of this page.

The Old Market area has lots of shops to choose from such as Images of Nature, Overland Sheepskin Company, The Nebraska Clothing Store, and Tannenbaum Christmas Store.  Need cash for shopping?  The Old Market has several locations with ATMs (check the list along the side).

Sidewalk Performers  Click to go to the top of this page.

One of the best things about the Old Market is the sidewalk performers.  You can have your caricature made, pick up some far out art, or stop and enjoy some sidewalk music from a variety of musical performances.  If you walk on by and spend some time listening, you may not realize how great some of the performances are and therefore miss out on rare talent.  Some of the musicians you see are professionals that like to get back to that close and personal experience.  Some have CDs available.  We are profiling sidewalk performers complete with contact information so if you want some of that music you heard, check out the Sidewalk Performer pages.



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Old Market Attractions Links  Click to go to the top of this page.

    Durham Western Heritage Museum 801 S. 10th Street (Google Maps logo)

Area Art Related Attractions  Click to go to the top of this page.

    Artists' Coop Gallery 405 S. 11th Street (Google Maps logo)
    Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts 724 S. 12th Street (Google Maps logo)
    Images of Nature 1115 Harney Street (Google Maps logo)
    Omaha Clayworks 1114 Jones St., Studio C. (Google Maps logo)

Theatre Links  Click to go to the top of this page.

    Blue Barn Theatre 614 S. 11th Street (Google Maps logo)

Restaurant-Brewing Links   Click to go to the top of this page.

    Le Bouillon 1017 Howard Street (Google Maps logo)
    Omaha Prime 415 S. 11th Street (Google Maps logo)
    Upstream Brewing Co. 11th and Jackson Street (Google Maps logo)

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