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"Mormons - Second Ferry"

When Cutler's Park moved back toward the river, their agreement with Big Elk allowed for a more permanent settlement.  The Mormons camped at the Grand Encampment had all moved to the new location in anticipation and preparation for the winter.  As more Mormons arrived at the Missouri, they had to travel to the ferry at Grand Encampment, then up the Missouri to Winter Quarters.  On or about October 1st, 1847 the ferry was moved closer to the new camp, near present day Florence.  The new location had flat lands on both sides making for an easy transition across and beyond.

Workers on the western side lived in nearby Winter Quarters but workers on the eastern side originally had to travel up from the Grand Encampment and Kanesville area.  Rather than travel back downstream, those workers started a community on the eastern side known as Ferryville.  Ferryville survived following the abandonment of Winter Quarters.  The small community was just south of where the Mormon Bridge is located today.

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